SJTP WebAura has been developed with the understanding of how important your website can be to your organization. With the popularity of the internet today your website is your most flexible tool to share and present information.

SJTP WebAura is a web-based content management system that is designed specifically for ease of use and management. Updating your website is as easy as editing a Microsoft Word document. No need to learn or familiarize yourself with any of the technical tools such as FTP, FrontPage or Dreamweaver which require a good deal of technical knowledge along with a lot of time.

With no hardware or software to buy or install, free updates, included technical support and no additional hosting fee, SJTP WebAura is one of the most affordable ways for you to create and manage your website.

SJTP WebAura lets users update only the sections they are allowed to depending on the preferences of the technology director and administrators, and keeps the content posted on the website under control thanks to several security features included.

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